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Securities Arbitration Attorneys

Eppenstein and Eppenstein is a leading New York law firm representing US and international investors in securities arbitration who seek aggressive, quality legal representation to recover losses stemming from investment fraud and mismanagement.  We handle a wide range of arbitration and litigation matters, including commodities fraud and securities fraud, stockbroker abuses, securities industry employment disputes and general commercial litigation. If you have concerns over fraud or mismanagement of your investment portfolio contact Eppenstein & Eppenstein.

Ponzi Schemes

The alleged fraud conducted at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC may prove to be the greatest self-described Ponzi scheme in history, with potentially up to $50 billion in losses. At the end of 2008, a year marked by global market turmoil and the financial sector meltdown, BMIS was just the latest unwelcome crisis for investors.

Ponzi schemes typically pay or promise excessively high returns to investors. The catch is that such payments, if and when they do materialize, come out of the money paid in by those same or subsequent investors, not from actual profits generated by any real business. Investors caught in these high stakes scams by seemingly reputable operations, which inevitably implode, include high net worth individuals and hedge funds.

Eppenstein and Eppenstein won a record recovery in 2002 of over $46 million for 13 investors in a massive commodities fraudulent allocation scheme, with features much like a Ponzi scheme. We invite you to contact us to discuss your situation.

Stock Market Crash of 2008: Talk to Our Lawyers About Your Stock Market Investment Losses

The stock market crash of 2008 put more investors than ever before in a state of shocked disbelief and stressed out uncertainty over their unprecedented investment losses. The credit freeze, housing and subprime mortgage bubble, and derivative instruments that were anything but safe have all contributed to the damage. But investors are not without remedies. Many things that investors relied on went wrong besides the failure of industry risk assessment, oversight and market regulation. But investors have a way to find help. We believe investors with stock market losses should explore carefully the affirmative action they can take to recover their assets.

We have seen stock market abuses before, though not on this scale. This time, far too many investors were told their investment funds were suitable and safe, when in fact their investment objectives and risk tolerance were ignored and their funds were subjected to unjustifiable risk. Brokerage accounts were excessively traded, or traded without authorization. The industry misrepresented the nature of investments and failed to explain the hidden risks.

Our attorneys have been on the cutting edge of the law, helping shape the course of investment arbitration and litigation as well as advocating for investors rights in the courts and the halls of Congress. We have been pioneers in fashioning securities arbitration methods that we used to attain the highest customer victory of $42 million in a complex arbitration for several clients, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. We invite you to check out our Web site at www.securitieslawarbitration.com to learn about specific customer cases in which we have represented investors in recovering their stock market losses. Contact us to learn how we can put our dedication, experience and knowledge to work for you in assessing your legal options.

Hedge Fund Fraud Attorneys

The inherently speculative investment vehicles used by hedge funds, which pool investors’ money and invest those funds in financial instruments in an effort to achieve positive returns, may substantially increase the risk of financial losses to investors.  Hedge fund failures may involve questionable hedge fund sales practices and advertising misconduct that fails to disclose potential risks to unwary individual investors, money managers and institutional investors such as pension systems.

The unraveling of Long Term Capital Management and Amaranth LLC, and hedge funds run by Bear Stearns, have been just a few examples in a parade of headline grabbing hedge fund collapses.  The losses can be staggering, running into billions of dollars.

The mission of Eppenstein and Eppenstein is to help recover losses suffered by victims of all types of investment fraud and misconduct by brokers and others, including hedge fund fraud and mismanagement. Investors and their money managers have looked to our attorneys to achieve the highest levels of asset recovery, as exemplified in our record recovery of $46 million for just one group of thirteen clients in 2002. Contact our office if you are victim of investment fraud.

Senior Investment Fraud

The stock market bubble and continuing volatility has caused unprecedented anxiety and investment losses for investors of all income levels. But senior investors with limited resources or who are already retired have a heightened sense of urgency to determine whether they will be able to recover their assets.

Are you a senior citizen, a Baby Boomer, or has a family member, friend or other retirement age person you know been victimized by investment abuses or fraud in connection with an investment account, pension plan or mortgage? Read more about how we can help.

Securities, Commodities Financial Fraud Lawyers

The Firm’s Securities Arbitration and Commodities Arbitration practice has been covered extensively by the media. Eppenstein and Eppenstein is known preeminently for litigating and arbitrating large and complex cases of securities, commodities, financial and investment fraud on behalf of public investors and others harmed in the financial markets. By virtue of its depth of experience in this area of practice, Eppenstein and Eppenstein is qualified to pursue claims for all investment products, from stocks and bonds to futures, and to pursue class actions as well as claims for individuals and institutional investors.

Securities Industry Employment Arbitration

The Firm also represents and advises clients in a variety of employment related matters, including securities industry employment arbitration and regulatory matters.

Business Litigation Attorneys

The Firm handles every aspect of civil commercial litigation, including trials and appeals in court and arbitration. Above all, we are committed to working diligently and aggressively with the goal of achieving the most favorable results on behalf of our clients.

The experience and expertise of the Firm’s trial attorneys ensures the quality, level of service and favorable outcomes that our clients expect, whether at trial or through settlement negotiations.

Currency Montage Forex Securities Fraud Commodites Fraud Attorneys Recover Losses

Securities Arbitration and Commodities Arbitration for Investors

Maximizing Your Recovery from Losses Due to
Securities Fraud and Commodities Fraud

The Firm Wins Record Arbitration Decision for Our Clients in 2001 Against Refco Inc.
In 2001 we obtained record-setting arbitration decisions when we proved investment fraud claims and won a large recovery for investors totaling over $42 million from Refco Inc. The Arbitrators at the National Futures Association found that Refco "violated the anti-fraud provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act and Regulations." Refco was ultimately responsible for paying all awards to our clients, as well as being held "solely liable for the punitive damage portion" awarded to some of our clients. After two court decisions, the investor awards were confirmed at over $46 million, including punitive damages and additional interest. The entire award was collected. To read more click here - Refco's Collapse and Its Aftermath.

Contact us to discuss your case.

International World Financial Fraud Securities Investment Lawyer Lawyers

Securities Fraud, Financial Fraud and
Investment Mismanagement Lawyers

Conveniently located in Manhattan, our securities fraud arbitration and litigation law practice has helped to recover assets for individual investors who have sought out our Firm’s services from across the country and around the globe. Our national client list ranges from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Scottsdale, to New York, Chicago and Boston, and from the heartland of Colorado and Missouri to Texas and Florida. Internationally, we have represented investors from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and throughout Europe, including England, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

We have been championing investor rights for 25 years. We have helped many investors, including those who have fallen victim to securities and other investment fraud, investment mismanagement and other financial industry abuses. We have also assisted securities industry employees in arbitration for grievances against broker dealer employers, and in related civil litigation.

If you have lost your life savings or any portion of your portfolio because of an unscrupulous broker, hedge fund or other investment firm; if your broker abused the trust you placed in him; if you were told your investment funds were safely invested, when in fact your investment objectives and risk tolerance were ignored and your funds were subjected to unjustifiable risk; if your broker churned your account; if your broker traded without your authorization, or if your broker controlled your account and misrepresented the nature of the investments made for you, then you require an experienced financial fraud lawyer in your corner. We are not only pioneers in investment fraud and mismanagement arbitration methods, but we have also been on the cutting edge of the law, helping shape the course of securities arbitration and litigation as well as being a voice for investors. If you have been the victim of investment fraud or mismanagement, contact us today and learn how we can put our dedication, experience and knowledge to work for you.


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A History of Leadership in Landmark Cases and Public Service
The Firm’s litigation practice has taken us to the highest courts in the U.S. and New York. Eppenstein and Eppenstein was a staunch advocate in landmark cases for investor’s rights before the United States Supreme Court, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York and the New York State Court of Appeals.

We have lectured extensively on investment fraud and securities fraud arbitration matters at the New York Stock Exchange, the National Association of Securities Dealers and the American Arbitration Association, and at symposia in the U.S., Moscow and the Middle East – always on behalf of the investing public or the disenfranchised industry employee.

Champions of Investor Rights For A Quarter Century

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