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In 1992 Worth Magazine spotlighted Eppenstein and Eppenstein’s practice and declared that we hold “shareholders’ rights sacred.” Investor protection, an essential component of the integrity of the financial markets, has guided us throughout more than 25 years of our Firm’s existence.  Putting our beliefs into practice, we achieved international recognition for our securities fraud litigation practice in 1987, when we represented our own clients, and simultaneously the interests of public investors the world over, in the landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court in Shearson/American Express, Inc. v. McMahon. That far-reaching decision positioned millions of investors to arbitrate their securities fraud claims through the self-regulatory organizations (SROs) of the securities industry, primarily through the auspices of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Our well-known tenacity in pursuing our clients’ claims, the sophisticated analytical approach we take to explore your options to maximize your recovery and our passion for justice hold as true today as when we established our Firm in 1980. Our dedication to the cause of public investor protection and rights has been demonstrated continuously over the years, when we testified on behalf of all public investors before the United States Congress in the late 1980's, when we assisted in the drafting of legislation to secure more rights for defrauded investors and when we proposed significant improvements to the securities arbitration system in the U.S. since the McMahon decision.

The Firm’s founding partner, Ted Eppenstein, is also a pro-active participant in SICA (Securities Industry Conference on Arbitration). SICA convenes several times each year with representatives of: the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission); the directors of arbitration of the securities and futures industries; and the SIA (Securities Industry Association). Mr. Eppenstein is a vocal advocate of proposals designed to benefit investors. He works on SICA as an appointed public member who represents investor rights, seeking to level the playing field in securities arbitration and to maximize the recovery of investor losses due to brokerage industry abuses.

Securities and futures related arbitration and litigation on behalf of investors and wronged industry employees is our focus in our securities fraud practice – we do not represent broker dealers. Our reputation is both national and international, and our successful results in asset recovery speak for themselves. Contact us today to put the Firm’s expertise and experience in securities fraud adjudication and asset recovery in your corner.


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