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International Investors and Investment Fraud


The Firm's attorneys have represented investors from around the world. In addition to our representation of clients from coast to coast in the United States, we have obtained significant settlements or awards for our clients from Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Australia and elsewhere.

Our international investment fraud lawyers have successfully adjudicated financial disputes through arbitration, mediation and settlement in New York for our international clients. We have represented a member of a European royal family, an industrialist from Germany who was a majority shareholder in a company that conducted billions of dollars of global business a year, an international distributor of candy and confections from France, a dentist from Italy, representatives of a large Indonesian textile company, an investment company in Cyprus, private investors from the Middle East and a former furniture manufacturer from Belgium. While investments varied – from commodities, futures, securities to the Forex markets - a common thread in these cases was that all of the investors asserted claims of alleged wrongdoing against the overseas branch offices of the world’s largest financial services firms.

Our international investor clients have in many cases been unaware of the improper or fraudulent activity that had caused their investment losses. This all too common phenomenon is also experienced by domestic public investors and has been adjudicated often in United States court cases involving misrepresentation and concealed investment fraud. Our diligent investigation and discovery, using procedural techniques developed through litigation in U.S. courts and SRO arbitration, has successfully exposed the nature of the wrongful conduct suffered by many of our clients. In the examples mentioned our international clients recovered sizable amounts running into the millions of dollars, sometimes well in excess of their out of pocket losses. Our international investment fraud attorneys have also achieved substantial settlements during or after the arbitration hearings (and before award), or in mediation.



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